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Dental Implants in Grapevine, Texas

August 31, 2016

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Missing teeth need to be replaced for the sake of your appearance and your self-confidence, as well as the maintenance of your oral health and your general health, too. The question is what tooth replacement will be the best for you. Dental implants in Grapevine, Texas, can be an excellent choice if you are a qualified candidate. Read on to find out who makes a good candidate for dental implants and how Dr. Greg Martin and his team will work with you to restore your beautiful and healthy smile.

Qualifications for Dental Implants

Although most people are good candidates for dental implants, there are some specific requirements. First, you must have healthy gums. The gum tissue that surrounds an implant helps to support it. Therefore, the condition of your gums is integral to the success of a dental implant.

Secondly, you need to have sufficient bone density in your jawbone. An implant is anchored into the bone, so the volume and strength of bone tissue must be adequate to hold the implant in place. If you’ve been missing teeth for some time, then there may be some bone loss. In this case, Dr. Martin may recommend a graft procedure to build up the bone before implants are placed.

Finally, you must be willing and able to take excellent care of your dental implants. Like healthy teeth, implanted teeth require twice daily brushing and flossing at least once a day. Implants and the surrounding gum tissue are not impervious to infection like gum disease. In addition, you’ll need to schedule regular dental checkups with Grapevine dentist Dr. Martin who will carefully monitor and assess the condition of your implants over time.

Obstacles to Dental Implants

Certain circumstances and conditions may prevent someone from receiving dental implants. For example, youngsters whose jawbones are not yet fully grown cannot have implants. Dental implants are also not advised for women who are currently pregnant. A person who smokes is not a good candidate for implants because smoke slows the healing process and can reduce the chances of a successful integration between the implant and surrounding tissue.

There are also some chronic diseases that may disqualify a person from having dental implants. These include hemophilia, a suppressed or deficient immune system, connective tissue disease and uncontrolled diabetes.

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To determine if you are a qualified candidate for dental implants, schedule an appointment with Grapevine dentist Dr. Martin. Our practice proudly serves patients from Grapevine, Southlake, Trophy Club, Colleyville or Keller, Texas.

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