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How to Select the Best Dentist in Grapevine

When it  comes to finding the right dentist, you may not be able to simply walk through the door of the first dental office you see and feel right at home. At Smiles by Martin, we truly believe there is a perfect dental office for every patient. We like to believe that the training and experience our team offers means we’re the right dental office for many patients, but even if our Grapevine dental office isn’t right for you, we want you to find your best dentist. Begin by asking yourself the following five questions:

1 - What is the Clinical Focus?

This is an important aspect of finding the right dental office. It's not always spelled out for you, but you can usually determine the clinical focus by exploring the dental office website. Some dental offices list their main priorities right on the home page. For others, you may need to dig a little deeper. Look at the services they provide. If there are more cosmetic dentistry options, they are likely a cosmetic focused dental office. If you’re not sure what the treatment focus is, call the dental office. They’ll be happy to provide further information to help you understand their dental office’s treatment focus.

At Smiles by Martin, our treatments geared toward prevention. Preventive dentistry allows us to help patients keep their natural teeth whole and healthy. We’re able to stop most oral health concerns before they begin and provide conservative dental restoration options to preserve the greatest amount of healthy structure while fully repairing oral health. We offer personalized treatment plans for patients of every age and stage of dental development. Dr. Greg Martin’s years of training and experience allow him to offer patients comprehensive care all under one roof. We only refer out to specialists when absolutely necessary.

2 - What is the Dentist's Expertise?

All dentists complete doctoral level studies that qualify them to provide general dental services for their patients. However, most dentists also have unique interests, and they will invest more time in completing training and gaining experience in the areas they find most professionally fulfilling. For some dentists, that means earning certification in a dental specialty. For others, that simply means focusing continuing education courses toward one specific area. Still, more dentists create their dental offices around offering effective care in one or more areas. The best resource to gain this information is a one on one conversation with the dentist. Talk to a potential dentist about their many areas of expertise, why they enjoy this part of the dental field, and how they think this can improve your dental experience.

Dr. Martin joined his father's dental office, and has worked hard to continue the tradition of quality, ethical, family-centric dental services. Dr. Martin’s area of expertise is general and cosmetic dental care, but he has a unique vision of providing dentistry that lasts a lifetime. He loves caring for a patient’s smile for years and having the opportunity to help them develop their best, most beautiful smiles. It’s this patient focus and eye to the future that makes Grapevine patients trust Dr. Martin and his team with their family’s smiles for generations.

3 - What is The Staff Like?

Having an approachable dentist who can offer quality services is very important. However, a good dental team may be even more essential. If you walk through the front door and the person behind the reception desk doesn’t even acknowledge you, the chances are good you won’t have a great experience in that dental office. A friendly, knowledgeable staff makes all the difference in ensuring you and your family feel right at home. At Smiles By Martin, our skilled team of dentistry professionals will change the way you think about visiting the dentist. We all work hard to make your dental appointments seem effortless. You’ll be greeted warmly and offered gentle, attentive care that leaves you smiling.

4 - What Dental Services are Offered?

Some general dentists refer patients out for even moderately advanced procedures, and in some cases, this is for the best. No one is great at everything. However, through more than a decade of dental education, training, experience, and a lifetime of mentorship from his father, Dr. Martin has developed the necessary skill to safely and effectively offer a wide range of dental services all under one roof. From basic dental checkups to implant supported tooth replacement, our dental office provides the dental care you and your loved ones need to keep smiling year after year.

5 - Does the Dental Office Cater to Patients' Needs, Budgets, and Schedules?

Another important aspect of finding the right dental office is convenience. While this may seem less-than-essential, the further a task takes us from our daily routines and comfort zones, the less likely we are to do it. Many patients miss or reschedule dental appointments because they have to drive out of their way or take off work. You’d be surprised how easy it is to avoid the dentist if these visits aren’t scheduled around your daily routine. Another concern that keeps patients away from the dentist is money. The cost of care is actually the number one reason patients list for skipping dental appointments. Look for a dental office that processes dental insurance and offers financing options to ensure you receive the necessary dental care within your budget.

Our Grapevine dentist and team offer early morning appointments beginning at 7:30 am five days a week. Busy patients are able to fit in their dental care before beginning their day. We also offer a wide range of services and see the whole family in one dental office, so you’ll save time that can be wasted working with specialists. Our knowledgeable dental team also maximizes dental insurance coverage to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve and make treatments are affordable. We also partner with CareCredit to offer low and no interest financing for most patients, giving you an opportunity to extend the cost of care over several months.

Call the Smiles by Martin Team

If the Smiles by Martin team sounds like the right dental family for you, please give us a call. We'd love to have the opportunity to meet with you, discuss your oral health care goals, and help you achieve and maintain your healthiest smile for a lifetime. We are proud to offer preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services that meet the needs of every member of the family, from the age of 1 to 101. We’re open early to help patients fit dental checkups into their daily routine, and we even offer same day emergency dentistry appointments in most cases. Let our team change the way you think of dental visits, and make sure you look forward to every appointment. 


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