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Family Dentistry – Grapevine, TX

Invest in Your Family’s Smiles

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Did you know everyone’s oral health needs are different, and they constantly change throughout life? With various age groups in your home, it often means visiting multiple dental offices to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Your schedule is busy enough, which can make it challenging to maintain routine visits. Now, you can save time and ensure everyone receives the exceptional care they deserve with Dr. Martin. He provides compassionate dentistry to patients of all ages. With a top-rated dentist on your side, family dentistry in Grapevine helps you create generations of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

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A person’s oral health is influenced by more than just their oral hygiene habits and the care they receive from their dentist. There are also underlying factors that can increase their risk of certain issues, such as those caused by genetics or their environment. By choosing a family dentist, they will have a complete picture of all aspects that can impact your loved one’s oral health.

By caring for everyone in your home, Dr. Martin provides a higher scope of care because he will have an understanding of specific issues that run in your family to look for at each semi-annual appointment. This allows him to create customized treatment plans or provide quick intervention to ensure your family’s smiles stay healthy.

With everyone benefiting from one trusted dental team, it makes it easy to maintain appointments. You’ll save time because you can skip the hassle of running to different dental offices. Not to mention, everyone’s dental records will be kept at one location for easy reference.

Family-Friendly Services

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With various age groups in your home, Dr. Martin provides the exact services your loved ones need both today and in the future. He focuses on preventive dentistry for children, teens, and adults to keep the teeth and gums healthy. However, even with the best prevention, complications can still arise over the years. He can quickly rehabilitate a healthy smile using the latest restorative treatments. He can also ensure everyone’s smiles look their best with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. He is also trained in many areas of specialty, including sleep apnea treatment, sedation dentistry, and dental implants. You’ll find everything your family needs under one roof.

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If you’re looking for an exceptional dentist in Grapevine who will treat your family as their own, it is time to schedule your family’s first visit with Smiles By Martin. Contact our dental office today! We look forward to meeting you.


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