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Full-Mouth Restoration—Grapevine, TX

Restorative and Cosmetic Services to Rebuild Your Smile

Close up smile after full-mouth dental restoration

Having a smile that is marred by teeth that are damaged or missing may not only cause embarrassment but could also negatively affect your health and well-being. After all, each and every tooth has an important role to play in your ability to enjoy a nutritious diet. Regardless of how your smile has reached such a state of disrepair, Dr. Martin and his team are here to help. With full-mouth restoration in Grapevine, you’ll be able to confidently smile, chew and speak again.

What is Full-Mouth Restoration?

Man smiling after full-mouth dental restoration

This step-by-step plan is designed to methodically repair and replace teeth in order to rebuild your smile. Depending on the specific needs of your mouth, a number of general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures may be incorporated into your full-mouth restoration plan. Achieving the goal of restoring your oral and dental health may take several months or even a few years. But the payoff of beautiful teeth that allow you to chew, speak and smile with confidence is well worth the effort.

A Foundation of Healthy Gums

Smiling couple after full-mouth dental restoration

Full-mouth restoration renews the appearance of your smile, as well as the functionality of your teeth and bite. Therefore, your customized plan may include services that are obvious when you smile and some that are not.

For example, the dentist in Grapevine will closely examine your gums. If gum disease is present, then this will need to be treated first. Your gums and the bone structure underneath support your teeth, so they need to be strong and healthy first before your smile is rebuilt.

Restorative Treatments for a Healthy Smile

 For teeth that have cavities, Dr. Martin may rebuild teeth with tooth-colored fillings or dental crowns. Made of composite resin material, tooth-colored fillings are the ideal solution for teeth damaged by mild to moderate tooth decay. For teeth with more severe decay or those that are deeply cracked or fractured, there are dental crowns. Also called caps, these restorations completely cover a damaged tooth to protect the remaining structure and restore natural form.

To replace missing teeth, you and Dr. Martin will decide whether a crown and bridge, a partial or full denture, or a dental implant is best for you. A dental implant stands in for both the root and crown of a missing tooth.  In this way, there is a stable base for the attached tooth restoration and stimulation for healthy bone tissue growth in your jaw.

Cosmetic Treatments and Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

The finishing touch for any full-mouth restoration plan is usually cosmetic dentistry. These procedures help to make your smile look its very best. For instance, porcelain veneers are thin layers of dental porcelain that Dr. Martin bonds to teeth marred by chips, cracks or fractures. Teeth whitening gives you a bright smile.

The result of a full-mouth restoration is a smile that is attractive and functional. Call today for a consultation.


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