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Look Your Best with Summer Teeth Whitening in Grapevine

May 5, 2016

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Want to look your absolute best this summer? Of course you do. Teeth whitening in Grapevine can help you flash your most attractive smile this month, and all summer long. We’ve listed a few of the top benefits of summertime teeth whitening below… which would you enjoy most?

#1. Maximize your tan (without the skin damage)

You want to look beautifully bronze after a weekend at the lake, but you don’t want to sacrifice your skin health in the process. But set against the contrast of dazzling white teeth, even the slightest summer tan really pops. That’s why choosing professional teeth whitening during the month of May can actually help you protect your skin, without totally sacrificing your summer tan in exchange.

#2. Better smile confidence

It’s no surprise that when you feel great about the way your teeth look, you’re apt to smile more — and that’s always a good thing! One of our favorite things about professional teeth whitening is that it helps patients’ smile confidence soar, often improving their overall quality of life. And what better moment to help yourself feel better about the way you look than summertime?

#3. Teeth whitening is fast

One thing about cosmetic dentistry treatments is that they often require a significant investment in time to complete. That’s certainly not the case with professional teeth whitening, which allows you to enjoy your sparkling results in as little as one, one hour visit to Dr. Martin’s office. We think that’s something all our patients can make time for in the lead-up to summer!

Professional Teeth Whitening at Smiles By Martin

When you choose to have your smile rejuvenated with teeth whitening in Grapevine, Dr. Martin will talk you through your two options: at-home and in-office whitening. The one you choose will depend on the rate at which you wish to reveal your results.

At-home whitening uses a custom-fit tray that you fill with a high-powered bleaching gel, and you’ll wear the two for about half an hour every night for two weeks. Results will start to show after the first use, with full whitening apparent when the treatment is complete.

In-office whitening, Sapphire teeth whitening, is completed in just one, one hour visit to Dr. Martin’s office. A wonderful option for patients interested in immediate results (perhaps in preparation for a big event), Sapphire whitening combines a powerful brightening gel with a special light to reveal your brightest smile.

Let’s Get Started this May!

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of summertime teeth whitening? If so, what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect time to prepare your smile for the start of the season. Request your appointment for teeth whitening at Smiles by Martin today!

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