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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy For Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2016

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Are you planning to enjoy some sweets this Valentine’s Day? Dr. Greg Martin has promised to help you keep your teeth safe, preventing you from any long term damage that can be caused by those hard candies and sweet treats. Our staff here at Smiles By Martin in Grapevine, TX are here to help patients in and around the surrounding area keep that healthy smile all year long! Let us help your oral health in making your teeth, mouth and jaw a priority for this Valentine’s Day and every day that follows. Don’t let those sugary sweets get in the way of all the hard work you’ve put into your everyday life toward keeping your smile as strong as ever.

During Valentine’s Day, we know that some of the gifts we give to and receive from our loved ones consist of heart-shaped boxes filled with candy and chocolate sweets. However, the numbers we’ve discovered being the total amount of candy bought in the U.S alone may surprise you. Here are a few statistics about Valentine’s Day and its sweets:

  • More than 35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate are sold for valentine’s day
  • Over 7 billion candy hearts are made and sold before February 14th
  • Last year Americans were estimated to have spent about $18.9 billion on Valentine’s
  • Day; $1.7 billion going toward candy alone

While most of us are aware that consuming large amounts of candy during this holiday can have an effect of our weight limit, we may not be thinking about how sweets will have an impact on our oral health.

How do sweets impact your teeth?
The impact sweets have on your teeth can be detrimental if left unexamined, and will contribute to tooth decay and the rotting of teeth. Here at , we have the proper restorative dental treatment options you may need. Our restorations offer you the preventative measures your teeth need to fight against the sweets and bacteria that rests on your teeth.  When the sugar from candy mixes with the bacteria, it creates an acid that settles on your teeth and in your mouth, causing cavities. Cavities are caused through the breakdown of a tooth’s structure due to the settling acid, destroying the outer layer of your tooth.
Those Rough and Tough Sweets:
There are certain candies and sweets that can create more problems for your teeth than others. Remember to be aware of what kind of candies you’re eating and how you are taking care of your teeth before and after indulging in the sweetness. The types of candy you want to look out for are the sticky-goo types, like lollipops, toffees, jolly-ranchers, sugar that melts in your mouth, and caramels. Also keep an eye out for chocolate covered candies (raisins, pretzels, M&Ms, etc.), gum drops, hard candies, and kettle corn. If you feel discomfort when eating these treats, don’t ignore the pain. Call our office and we will check out the problem immediately.

Keep up with Your Dental Care:
It is important for you to maintain good oral health by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and continuing to floss in and around your mouth daily. Creating a nutritious diet is also an important factor; Eat healthier foods and limit the amount of your intake on snacks such as candy, pretzels, and chips. Taking the proper steps necessary to maintaining a healthier looking mouth includes setting up an appointment with your dentist once every three months. A proper dental cleaning is important to help take care of any dental problems that may be occurring and keep you safe from tooth decay.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day destroy your teeth! Remember to keep up with your normal dental care at home. If you live in Grapevine and would like for Dr. Martin to check for any occurring dental problems, contact us here at Smiles By Martin- Cosmetic and General Dentistry at 817-481-1041. We will be able to set up our next available appointment for you!

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