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The Answers to All of Your Sedation Questions

Couple smiling together outsideAt Smiles By Martin, we use sedation dentistry to help patients receive the dental care that they need, even when they’re nervous or anxious about their appointment. We offer various options, so patients typically have questions about the process and which type is right for them. That’s why we’ve included the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about sedation dentistry in Grapevine.

What’s the Difference Between Sedation and Sleep Dentistry?

We use sedation to keep you relaxed and comfortable while you are still conscious. Sleep dentistry uses general anesthesia to render you completely unconscious during the procedure. We use sedation instead of this option because it can sedate you enough to receive treatment without some of the after-effects of general anesthesia.

Can I Drive Myself to My Appointment and Receive Sedation?

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Your transportation plans will depend on the type of sedation that you’re receiving. One of the benefits of nitrous oxide sedation is that it allows patients to relax during the appointment while still being able to drive to and from the office. However, you should plan to have someone take you to your appointment if you choose either oral sedation or IV sedation. Both of these options are stronger than nitrous, but they have lingering effects that can impair motor skills.

Can Sedation Dentistry Cure My Dental Anxiety?

We use sedation as a way for our patients to manage their anxiety, however, it is not a cure. This temporary sedation allows us to give you the dental care that you need to keep you healthy, but your own anxiety can’t be cured with sedation. There are many therapists that specialize in treating dental anxiety, which is a great place to start if you wish to get to the root of the problem. For many patients, their mild fear is automatically eased by simply knowing that they have sedation as an option.

What Type of Sedation is Best for Me?

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The only way to know which type of sedation is best for you is to visit our practice. Dr. Martin and his team will discuss your needs and explain the different types in detail to provide you with the best service for you. Even those without dental fear or anxiety enjoy sedation services because it makes the time go by faster and creates a relaxing sensation. If it sounds like sedation dentistry is right for you, contact our office to receive quality care in a relaxing environment.

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