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GLO Teeth Whitening - Grapevine, TX

Professional Smile Brightening Solutions


Lady in white tank top smiling after GLO teeth whitening treatment Professional teeth whitening has been a popular cosmetic dentistry offering for years. Thanks to recent advances in technology and our commitment to provide the utmost in efficient, effective dentistry, in-office and at-home whitening is now better than ever from the team at Smiles By Martin.

We have invested in GLO teeth whitening in Grapevine, TX, which offers improved whitening with reduced sensitivity. Keep reading to learn more from Dr. Gregory R. Martin, your trusted Grapevine dentist.

The Difference GLO Makes

GLO is a whitening system offering results that are fast, affordable, painless, and, perhaps best of all, dramatic.

Other leading whitening systems are associated with “zingers,” or sharp pangs of sensitivity. With GLO, 0% of patients report feeling any pain at all. And because it doesn’t use trays, you don’t have to worry about any additional lab costs raising the price of your overall whitening treatment.

GLO stands for Guided Light Optics. The system uses a special mouthpiece instead of trays. Inside the mouthpiece is warming heat-plus-light that activates the high powered whitening gel. This combination prevents oxygen from escaping the mouth for faster, more dramatic results. GLO can whiten teeth up to five shades.

The in-office teeth whitening treatment works in less than an hour. After it is complete, you are sent home with the mouthpiece to use for touchups. An at-home treatment works with the same mouthpiece, case, and the powerful bleaching gel. Your dentist will give you precise instructions on proper usage.

Numerous Benefits of GLO Teeth Whitening

Maintaining Your Bright Results

Once you have completed the GLO treatment, you will love how great your smile looks. Make sure you enjoy your white teeth for as long as possible with some easy maintenance steps.

Try to avoid the things that caused your teeth to lose their luster in the first place -- like red wine, black coffee, and dark sodas. When you do indulge, try drinking through a straw. Cut out tobacco completely.

You will also want to make sure you maintain good hygiene at home and stay on top of regular visits to your dentist’s office. Brush, floss, and come see us every six months to keep your smile happy, healthy, and beautiful.

If you do start to notice your results fading, use the GLO touch-up kit to brighten your teeth once again.

Get In Touch Today!

Are you looking to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile? Professional teeth whitening could be the answer you’ve been hoping for. We invite you to request an appointment with Smiles By Martin today!

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